Disneyland Phone Charging Plug-in Locations

Disneyland® Park Phone Charging Locations

Main Street U.S.A.


Main St. Carnation Cafe - Here you'll find two outlets located by the doorway between Carnation Cafe and The Bakery 


CAN SIT - Main St. Train Station - Just left of the inside entrance where you'll be able to sit while charging


Main St Market House - Near the inside side exit.


Main Street Photo Shop - Facing the front entrance, it's on the right and has a cover plate on it


Main St. Fire House - Right behind the engine


Main St. Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor - CAN SIT - In the rear near the trash can


Main St. Lockers - Inside where the lockers are


Main St. - Next to Painless DDS and Lockers


Main St. Baby Care Station - On the wall in the nursing room




CAN SIT - Village Haus Restaurant inside the east wing to the right of the stained glass window of the girl in a purple dress


In the planter by the tables near the entrance to Casey Jr. Circus Train


At the Matterhorn exit on the right side located on the black lamp


Behind the Edelweiss Snack Shop 


Across from the Edelweiss Snack Shop on the post of the old boat launch platform


The Snow White Wishing Well – Here there are two outlets in a green protective box in the bushes next to the railing 




Directly south of Astro Orbiter across the sidewalk in the flower bed.


CAN SIT - Tomorrowland at Pizza Port directly to the right of the main entrance on the wall. Grab the table next to it and have lunch while you charge


CAN SIT - Tomorrowland at Pizza Port in the back dining area on the wall to left as you enter


Two located in the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters FastPass dispenser


There are two located in the bushes to the right of the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters exit



Critter Country 


Pooh Corner Gift Shop just outside the back door


CAN SIT - Hungry Bear Restaurant located on the lower level


Splash Mountain - Located to the left of the Fastpass sign




CAN SIT - Rancho del Zocalo - There are two located in the outdoor plaza area where you dine adjacent to each other


Horseshoe Saloon - The second level has multiple outlets


There's one located just outside Big Thunder Mountain Railroad behind the benches facing the ride

New Orleans Square


Inside the Pieces of Eight store next to the fortune teller




CAN SIT - Located near the benches


Toon Town City Hall - On both sides of the steps


Behind Donald's Boat


Roger Rabbit Car Toon Spin - Next to the drinking fountain to the right of the main entrance


Toon Town Post Office


Located between by the Electricity Door by Roger Rabbit


Toon Town - Located inside the Firehouse Jailhouse building

California Adventure Phone Charging Locations

Cars Land


There are two outlets just inside Flo's V8 Cafe near the cashiers


Hollywood Land


Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission BREAKOUT! There are three outlets in Tower of Terror plaza - One next to the elevator on the far right -  One next to a bench in the exit hallway and one to the right of the exit in the gift shop


Near the bathroom entrance near Playhouse Disney


There are four outlets outside on the east wall of the Animation Building


There are two outlets in the Zoetrope room on the floor 


There are also multiple outlets in the hallways entering and exiting the building.Hallway of Sorcerers Workshop in the Animation Building


Bugs Land


There are four at the front of the men's and women's restrooms


There are four outlets to the right of the entrance sign


Paradise Pier


Ariel’s Grotto - There are three on the building across from Ariel’s Grotto


King Triton Carousel - Inside the restroom corridor behind the carousel.


There's one on the right side of the exit of Blue Sky Cellar


Grizzly Peak Recreation Area


Smokejumpers Grill - Located in the seating area


Located behind the pay phones across from Soarin' Around the World


Next to the store across from Soarin’ Around the World

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We are all glued to our phones these days. But there is no more important place to have a charged phone than Disneyland. The Disneyland Resort is big, 500 acres big so staying connected is a must.


It's not uncommon for family members to split up as teenagers want to see one thing, parents another and kids still another. Moreover, you will need a charged phone to check line wait times, show schedules, and dinner reservations on the Disneyland app, take photos and video, check emails, even make phone calls.


For all of these reasons, it's critical you and your group each bring a charging cord. Not one for all of you, but one for each of you.  


To help you keep your Disneyland day charged-up, we compiled a list of wall plugs located throughout the parks. Some are designated as CAN SIT locations. Grab one of the CAN SIT locations or plan on sitting on the floor for an hour while your phone charges. 


Of course, these are simply wall plugs, not official phone charging locations. While people do charge their phones at these locations, it's always a good idea to check with a Cast Member if you're unsure.


Happy Charging!

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