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Madame Tussauds Hollywood located next to the world-famous TCL Chinese Theatre is your passport to take center stage with your favorite stars! Get up close and experience stardom like never before with over 125 incredibly life-like figures from the celebrity worlds of film and television without velvet ropes or barriers. 


Get ready for the Hollywood spotlight as our photographers capture your red carpet moment. Then, just dance with Lady Gaga,  ride a bike with everyone’s favorite extraterrestrial friend E.T., sing with Selena Quintanilla, shoot hoops with Kobe Bryant, learn the art of making wax figures with Beyoncé and much more!  Plus, feel the thrill of the San Andreas 4-D Experience.


True to Life Celebrity Wax Figures


Madame Tussauds Hollywood is a premier attraction that drives many guests every day to enter its doors. At Madame Tussauds, guests receive the ultimate VIP treatment as they officially become the “stars” of the show. Guests come face-to-face with their favorite stars from the celebrity worlds of film, television, and much more!


Headed in London, a group of talented and skilled studio artists from Merlin Magic Making, the visionary team in developing new guest experiences for Merlin Entertainments’ attractions, create “true-to-life” celebrity wax figures.


Creating a celebrity wax figure for Madame Tussauds Hollywood is different from preserving and maintaining a figure at the attraction.

Behind the curtain, the “chosen star” partakes in the exclusive celebrity wax figure-making process. In this case, the celebrity, a photographer, sculptor, and studio artist all gather together for a “sitting” that takes place.


During the sitting, the star is positioned on a special chair called a Lazy Susan that rotates around. As the rotation takes place, the photographer takes multiple shots of the star performing a specific pose. This allows the photographer to get a full 360° angle shot in preparation for creating the figure. In addition, height, bust, and waist measurements are all conducted at the sitting, totaling in over 250 measurements for one figure.

After the sitting, about 20 artists at Merlin Magic Making begin sculpting the anatomy of the figure using the images and measurements from the sitting. Sculptors use clay to create the body to accurate scale and then proceed with molding and casting the body in fiberglass.


The headpiece of the figure is dipped in wax forming a full cast. Real human hair is individually inserted into the wax including the eyebrows and the eyelashes. The hair is cut and styled to match the desired look. The eyes and teeth are also placed into the head. Painting brings the figure alive in full color.


From start to finish, a typical Madame Tussauds figure takes about six months to make.

The finishing touch is the official display of the figure on the attraction’s floor, in which a show set gets built and installed onsite along with fun props, making the figure come to life for the guests. In addition, LED lighting in the attraction makes the figures look “real,” creating striking, star-gazing selfies and entertaining photos for the guests.

Located within the three-story building of Madame Tussauds Hollywood is the Studio where Lead Manager, Phillip Carr, and his team of artists work on styling, sculpting, and upkeeping over 125+ figures for the attraction. In addition, the artists freshen up the looks of the figures over time by changing wardrobe, re-dying hair, introducing new props, and clearing up scratches on faces using wax.

At Madame Tussauds Hollywood, guests bring their cellphones, tablets or cameras to capture their Hollywood moments with the stars. They use their imagination to their advantage as they get up close and interact with the figures without velvet ropes or barriers for a fun, memorable all-star experience. Experience the magic at Madame Tussauds Hollywood. 

Your time is now! Experience the magic at Madame Tussauds Hollywood!

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