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Fantastic ‘Fantasmic!’ Fun Facts

Disney’s popular and longest-running nighttime spectacular, returned to the Rivers of America in Disneyland Park this summer. This beloved show is celebrating its 30th anniversary.

“Fantasmic!” is an emotional extravaganza of colorful Disney-animated story scenes, choreographed to an exciting musical score and highlighted by the 45-foot-tall, fire-breathing Maleficent dragon. The waters of the Rivers of America come alive as Mickey Mouse dreams he is the Sorcerer’s Apprentice and faces dastardly villains, using the power of his imagination to save the day. Along the way, fantastic events and images as seen in stories like “Fantasia,” “The Jungle Book,” “Pirates of the Caribbean” and more come to life with live performers, character appearances, enhanced special effects and pyrotechnics.

Fun facts about “Fantasmic!”

  • Central to the magic of “Fantasmic!” are the three mist screens, each 60 feet wide by 30 feet tall, that help bring moments from beloved Disney stories to life on the Rivers of America.

  • New scenes added in 2017 feature songs such as “Friend Like Me” and “A Whole New World” from the Walt Disney Animation Studios classic, “Aladdin.”

  • A crew of ghost pirates man an eerie pirate ship that appears on the Rivers of These professionalstunt performers execute all the spectacular duels and falls.

  • As part of the “Fantasmic!” story, the wicked Maleficent from “Sleeping Beauty” will rise to a height of 45 feet in 17 seconds, before transforming into the dragon.

  • The dragon is a fully animated three-dimensional design that replicates the movements of the dragon in “Sleeping ” The dragon is 45 feet tall by 28 feet wide and weighs approximately 18,000 pounds.

  • The dragon lights the Rivers of America on fire for 25 seconds.

  • Water effects include 21 fountains and six “whale tails” in the scene when Monstro the whale chargesacross the Rivers of America.

  • At the beginning of the show, two light towers appear on either side of the main During the day,these towers rest 26 feet underground, and during a show, they rise to a height of 40 feet in less than a minute.

  • The audio surrounding “Fantasmic!” spectators is created by four speaker stacks on Tom Sawyer Islandand three on the mainland.

  • Kaa, the conniving snake from “The Jungle Book” who slithers across the “Fantasmic!” stage, is 100 feet long.

History of “Fantasmic!”

  • “Fantasmic!” premiered to the public on May 13, 1992, at Since opening 30 years ago, “Fantasmic!” has performed nearly 11,000shows.

  • An enhanced version of that original “Fantasmic!” presentation, featuring digital projections and thespectacular new 45-foot-tall dragon, premiered June 12, 2009. The show once again introduced new magic in 2017, adding new character appearances and upgraded technology.

  • The main stage on Tom Sawyer Island, including underground housing for many special effects, wasspecially built for “Fantasmic!” By day, it is a boat dock and “cider mill” visited by guests on the

  • A different version of “Fantasmic!” premiered in October 1998 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt DisneyWorld Resort in Orlando.

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