Hornblower Cruises Adding on an Early Sightseeing Cruise to Meet Huge Summer Demands

Hornblower Cruises

Definition of a morning person: A person who wakes up, without difficulty, early each morning and is alert and active during the first part of the day.

Hornblower Cruises is adding a new time on their traditional San Diego daytime harbor cruise starting May 26th, by featuring an early option for those visitors who are “up and at ‘em” and ready to start their San Diego adventure with an 8:45 am departure. Sightseeing cruises depart conveniently from Pier 2 at the foot of Broadway Street downtown. Hornblower is sweetening the deal with free coffee to those who want to try this first cruise of the day!

This is the big change to the san Diego’s popular harbor tour sightseeing schedule which hasn’t changed much in over 25 years.

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“We’re answering a huge demand for an early cruise from both our European and east coast visitors still on their time zones and from individuals compressing their SD experience into only a few days to fit in all the sights” says Kelly Johnson, Public Cruise Manager for Hornblower Cruises in San Diego.  “With our new 8:45 early cruise, guests can enjoy a spin around San Diego Bay and then have plenty of time left in their day to head over to USS Midway, and have time for the Zoo or SeaWorld,” commented Rebecca Milkey, Director of Marketing, Hornblower Cruises & Events.

What is the allure of this new cruise?

Morning light! San Diego’s beautiful bay has been photographed millions of times at sunset and during the day, but have you see the city after dawn? Photo buffs will love the interesting light and shadows.

Free coffee! Enough said. Almost everyone loves a cup of coffee early in the morning. We are giving it away on the first one hour harbor tour of the day, Fri. Sat., and Sun. all summer long.

Coffee Cocktail Anyone? For just five bucks adding a little alcohol to your favorite fresh-brew is a great way to  make your harbor cruise a “party”. The Hornblower Snack Bar will feature Liqueurs And Cordialsshots to make your beverage into a satisfying hot coffee cocktail. Think Bailey’s Coffee or Irish coffee with whiskey, a Nutty Irishman with Frangelico, Kentucky Coffee with Wild Turkey, French Connection with Cognac or Kahlua and Coffee.

On Friday - Sunday from May 26 - September 30, one-hour south-bound cruises begin at 8:45am and continue through the usual daily schedule. The one-hour San Diego harbor cruises sail daily at 10:00am, 11:15am, 12:30pm, 1:45pm, 3:00pm and 4:15pm. Guests also have the option to choose a two-hour cruise to see and learn about the entire San Diego Bay.  

Highlights include views of seabirds, sea lions and more than fifty San Diego landmarks such as the Star of India, submarines, aircraft carriers, North Island Air Station, and the Point Loma Lighthouse.  Tickets are $27.00 for adults and half price for children ages 3-12 years, while infants under 3 cruise FREE. This is one of the lowest attraction tickets in all San Diego!

    Testimonial: “In early August of last year, my wife and I toured San Diego for the very first time.Part of that experience was at the San Diego Harbor piers. I must say that our cruise was perfect! The ship was spotless, the captain provided us with a continuous narrative of each and every coastal feature for both the north and south sections of the bay. We cruised up and under the Coronado Bridge and close to many of the US Navy’s ship works. We found this vessel to be great in so many ways; the number of passengers was controlled to the extent that we did not feel crowded nor unsafe at any time. The vessel was handled in a smooth, safe manner which contributed to our total enjoyment. Additionally, we felt that the cost of this cruise was very fair.  Our thanks to the captain and crew as our cruise will always be a part of our memory along with the other sights we took in while visiting San Diego.”  Mr. & Mrs. Ken DeFilippo

    Hornblower Cruises & Events celebrates over 36 years of providing cruises and charters in California. The premiere charter company operates a total of 37 vessels throughout California that sail from San Francisco, Berkeley, Marina del Rey, Long Beach, Newport Beach and San Diego. In addition to private charters and public cruises, the company hosts special celebration cruises on all holidays, Fourth of July, New Year’s Eve, and Valentine’s Day. For more information regarding any of the Hornblower cruises or private events, please call (619) 686-8700.


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