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Disneyland Resort Fun Facts

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Scott Brinegar/Disneyland Resort

(Paul Hiffmeyer/Disneyland Resort

Gene Duncan/Disneyland

Indigenous plants from 40 different nations across more than 800 species are grown at the Disneyland Resort. This diverse, horticulture environment of plant life from around the world make Disneyland one of the richest, botanical environments found anywhere in the western United States.

The Best Part?


• Disneyland is as much a nature park as a theme park with thousands of trees, plants, flowers and shrubs planted throughout the resort offering shade and visual beauty. There are approximately 18,000 trees and 125,000 shrubs planted throughout the Disneyland Resort.


• Each year Disney plants new flowers and exotic plants in approximately 500 hanging baskets to coincide with the season.


• Disney's Horticulture team meticulously cut, trim and shape 22 topiary trees into a variety of lovable animals and Disney characters. If you're lucky, you'll be able to watch a Disney Horticulturist work their magic live. 


• To keep Disneyland alive with vibrant colors year around, nearly 1 million annuals are planted throughout the parks.  


• The Jungle Cruise forest canopy towers above riders more than 100 feet high. It's been reported that Walt had his Imagineers plant orange trees, plentiful in Orange County at the time, upside down with their roots exposed? They would then grow vines through the exposed roots to give guests the feeling of being deep in the jungle. Yikes!


• As you pass through the main gate, you'll see the famous flower portrait of Mickey Mouse, a popular spot to start your Disneyland photo album.  To make sure the Mickey flower bed is always ready for that perfect family photo, Disney plants new flowers nine times a year.


• The face on the Mickey Mouse flower portrait features 3,600 annuals. Another 6,400 annuals fill in the area framing his face. Do the math and you will see that adds up to a staggering 90,000 plants per year.


• To keep all of those plants, trees, and shrubs hydrated on hot summer days, more than 80 miles of underground irrigation pipe running in all directions were placed during the original construction.  


• Next time you ride the Story Book Land Canal Boats, be sure to snap a photo of the Mugho Pine. Standing only two feet tall, the Mugho Pine is Disneyland's oldest tree estimated to be an amazing 150 years young!


• Water conservation and management are always a priority at Disneyland. To help conserve water throughout the park, the Disney Horticulture team planted thousands of drought-tolerant plants covering vasts acreage throughout several lands, including Cars Land, Frontierland, Autopia landscaping and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. 


• Parents can cool down those over-heated kids at Flik’s Fun Fair by hanging out beneath 225 huge shade panels shaped like clover leaves. The view, as well as the shade, is a welcome relief from the heat for people and bugs!


• Let's not forget to mention all of those windows in all of those buildings throughout the resort. Yes, they need some decorating too. To keep all of the windows picture perfect 365 days a year, the Horticulture team creates no less than four seasonal overlays each year for more than 160 windows, both large and small. This includes 1,070 artificial floral arrangements, 20,000 decorative and themed props in all 64 stores, and another 12,000 props to decorate the windows in all 32 eateries.


• The Christmas tree on Main Street U.S.A. stands six stories tall and sits five feet below ground. It's adorned with 2,000 Christmas ornaments, 800 handmade bows, 800 multi-colored LED lights, and a whopping 70,000 white mini LED lights and 1,200 strobe lights.


During the Christmas season cast members decorate the park with more than 200 trees, approximately 320 wreaths and 8,000 feet of garland.


Every fall Main Street, U.S.A. transforms to a Pumpkin Festival with hundreds of pumpkins, carved and natural, on display, No two pumpkins are the same.


Guests who would like to know more about the flora and fauna at Disneyland can experience “Cultivating the Magic.” Tour guides share stories about the design of the gardens and the historical significance of plants throughout the park. To reserve a spot, guests may call (714) 781-TOUR (8687).

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