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Pixar Fest runs for a limited time. At the time of this post,  an ending date has not yet been announced.


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The new Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: BREAKOUT! replaces the fan favorite Twilight Zone® Tower of Terror in Hollywood Land. While the rides 5 stories free fall drop remains unchanged, the rest of the ride experience is completely new. For those die-hard Tower of Terror fans, I'm afraid you'll have to jet your way to Hollywood Studios in Disney World where you can still check into a noticeably more blinged out version of Tower of Terror. Checking out? That's another story.


What's the Real Story?


Unbelievably, in just five months Disney Imagineers successfully transformed the famed 1929 Hollywood Tower Hotel replica into the Collector’s Fortress, a foreboding, energy-guzzling power plant complete with shimmering steam displacing piping, solar refractors, and electrical transformers.


“Like the smash-hit films that inspired it, this new attraction is action-packed, full of irreverent humor, and features an 'awesome mix tape.' It's a fantastic way for guests to experience the Super Hero universe like never before,” states Walt Disney Parks and Resorts chairman Bob Chapek


Rumors are flying around the internet that the promenade and courtyard areas around Guardians will soon be reimagined into a themed Marvel land complete with Avenger Super Heros greeting guests and posing for pictures. We can only imagine what a reimagined "promenade might look like, but as Walt would say to inspire his animators to push beyond excellence - "Let's plus it."


The Mission Breakout rescue begins as guests enter the 183-foot high Collector's Fortress where the Guardians are kept against their will. What's unique about Guardians of the Galaxy is you become part of Rocket's risky mission to break out the Guardians. 





























The design of the Guardians ride building drew upon Renzo Piano’s inside-out Pompidou Centre in Paris, which Rohde described as an industrial building with a “high romantic feeling.“ Ultimately our product needs romanticism.” It needs to be picturesque. It needs to be beautiful,” states Joe Rohde, Portfolio Creative Executive, Walt Disney Imagineering.


Upon entering the fortress lobby your senses are immediately immersed in a dazzling array of Galaxy artifacts and strange looking things, living and otherwise, locked in cages The Collector, as the name implies, has collected. As the queue moves through the fortress lobby and into The Collector's office, Rocket Racoon himself makes his appearance to greet his newly recruited mission partners - you. 


Even if you haven't seen the movie, you'll quickly pick-up on the story line as a mission to join Rocket and break out Tavin's latest, and most valuable captives, the Guardians of the Galaxy. Once Rocket sets his rescue mission into motion. you nervously board the hijacked gantry knowing there's no turning back now.  Rocket then blows the generator powering the cells allowing all of Tavin's captives to escape where all heck breaks out. The breakout is underway!


With six different ride variations, Guardians of the Galaxy keeps the story lines are fresh and changing while the beginning and end are virtually the same, ie: you are recruited to join Rocket on a treacherous break out mission from the evil Tavin's fortress and ending with a successful, albeit chaotic, break out where the Guardians appear on film thanking the heroic efforts of your team. 


With its high-energy, eye-popping visuals and laugh-a-minute, thrill-a-minute action, Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! is a spine tingling, hold on to your mouse ears experience you'll want to experience again. 


The lines can be long averaging  75 minutes on peak days and 45 on off-peak days although Disney Imagineers really stepped up in creating a line experience that will have you bobbing your head in every direction catching something new every time you go,


That's Not All... 


The new “I Am Groot” bread has become a favorite snack in the park and is selling out almost daily so if you want to try it, get it early. Groot Bread is served in two kinds. The first is simply sourdough an is available at the Fairfax Market on Buena Vista Street. The second and this reviewer's favorite is a jalapeno, cheese sourdough and can only be found at the Cosmic Canteen next to Monsters Inc, Mike & Sully to the Rescue in Hollywood Land. The Disney Food Blog has a helpful post with more pictures of Groot Bread as well as all things Disney foodies love.  

























Shaped like the face of Baby Groot – the popular “Guardians of the Galaxy” character – this sourdough bread has olives for eyes and is available in plain or a jalapeno-cheddar flavor. Along with being a delicious treat, the bread has become a selfie accessory. Guests are posing with the bread in photos across social media, declaring “I am Groot.”


California Adventure shops offer “Guardians of the Galaxy” baseball caps, Baby Groots and the tunes of Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Vol. 2! on vinyl. Nine inch Baby Groots make a fun souvenir for your little guardians. For more out-of-this-world treasures, teleport your guardian group to The Collector’s Warehouse, near Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT!

Groot Bread
Guests in freefall
Meet Groot
Tivan Collection
Collectors Fortress
Captured Guardians
The Collector's office
Fortress maintenance bay
Groot greets guests
Collectors Fortress


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