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Discount Disneyland

Prices and Tickets if You PurchAse at Disneyland or on

To see all Disneyland prices for single park and park hopper tickets available on check out our discount Disneyland prices


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Disneyland has implemented pricing tiers for 1-day tickets. Depending on how busy it, Disney may increase the price of a 1-day ticket dictated by one of three pricing tiers, Value, Regular, and Peak.  


Value Tier - Monday through Thursday during the off-season are typically designated as Value days offering the best retail pricing if you're buying your Disneyland tickets at retail on or at the gate.


Peak Tier - Peak days are the most expensive tickets identified as major holiday seasons ie; Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Years and summer weekends typically June 10 through August 31.  


Regular Tier - Dates that fall outside of Value and Peak pricing tiers are designated as Regular with pricing that falls somewhere between Value and Peak.


Disney will accept Regular tickets if you're going on a Value designated day. The same holds true for Peak tickets. Disney, will not, however, issue a refund for the difference in the cost of a Peak ticket if you're going on a Value or Regular designated day so be sure you plan carefully.


If you find yourself going on a Peak day and you have a Regular or Value ticket, the Disney ticket booth will happily upgrade your ticket to Peak at the difference in cost.  


Ticket pricing tiers only apply to 1-Day tickets. 2, 3, 4, 5-day tickets enjoy full access to both parks at any time and day except for special event tickets like Mickey's Halloween Party. 


Disneyland Ticket pricing - California does not charge sales tax on theme park tickets. These prices reflect retail pricing if you purchase your tickets at the Disneyland ticket booth or on


Single Park Ticket Pricing ( You will need to decide which park you want to attend as this ticket only allows entry into one park for the day )




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