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Surf City U.S.A. Invites You to See the International Surfing Museum

Photo: International Surf Museum

After you a day of theme parks, plan a visit to Surf City U.S.A and the International Surf Museum.

Surfing conditions here are thought about to be amongst the finest in the world. The surfing lifestyle and warm climate of Orange County is popular and the city of Huntington Beach, California contributes considerably to the surfing culture.

Surf City U.S.A. is annual host for the World Surfing Championships held each summer season. The area is likewise popular with kiteboarders for the consistant prevailing northerly winds.

The International Surfing Museum gets numerous visitors annually and has assisted to put Huntington Beach, California on the map. There are numerous displays covering the history of the surf culture as well as a large collection of surf boards. See exhibits celebrating the connections to surf music, such as the music of Jan & Dean, the Beach Boys and, Dick Dale. To celebrate its surfing heritage, and an excuse to party a little, the museum arranges surf music concerts throughout the summer.

Numerous events bring people together. Browse City Nights are held each Tuesday with entertainment, a farmer's market, food stalls and activities for the children. The Annual Kite Festival is an occasion for everybody to get involved who love flying kites. Expert kite fliers likewise participate, demonstrating their skills to music. For the physically in-shape, there is the Annual Biathlon Race which combines swimming and running. It takes place in July, beginning at daybreak and is arranged by local lifeguards.

The International Surfing Museum receives thousands of visitors from around the world each year and should be on your must-see list when visiting Southern California if you love the surf culture and its storied history.

International Surfing Museum

411 Olive Ave, Huntington Beach

(714) 465-4350

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