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Welcome to the All New

Updated: Sep 13, 2017

The all new is LIVE!. We've been burning the midnight oil for going on two months now. After a few hundred hours, lack of sleep and more cups of coffee than I care to admit, our new site is finished, at least for now.

You can purchase discount attraction tickets including discount Disneyland tickets, book a cool southern California hotel or combine Disneyland tickets and a hotel with one of our Vacation Packages.

Our new site is desigend as much as a visual site as informational with 4 content sections which I will go over here.

1. VENUE BADGES - Click any venue badge on the homepage to read more, see photos, videos and location map.

2. CALENDAR - This is where we post the SoCal Magazine quarterly Calendar.

3. BLOG - Here we will post press releases and original content related to vacationing in Southern California.

4. HAPPENING - This section invites other publishers to submit their feed to the feed provider. We filter the feeds into content we feel you may be interested in.

We hope you like the new, we think it's pretty cool!

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