Who Are these Guys anyway?


Welcome to the newly redesigned WelcometooCal.com. We're glad you're here and hope our new site meets your high expectations. But first, let me give you a little history of how we got here and where we want to go.


In 1991 we published our first issue of Welcome to SoCal Magazine, a 16-page newsprint magazine that carried coupons, maps, and articles. Distributed in hotels around Disneyland, Welcome to SoCal was an instant hit. As the magazine grew in popularity, so did our coverage of Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood, SeaWorld and other Southern California attractions.


In 1994 something called the internet emerged on the scene. SoCal Magazine had lots of useful content, so it was only natural to build a website. But what's a website, we asked? The problem was that creating a website back then was an exercise in patience as the tools to build websites weren't available. Sites in those days were first blogs.


As the internet grew, so did websites and the tools to build them. In 1996 we bought our domain welcometosocal.com and set out to create our first website with the goal of helping people plan their Southern California vacation.  

In 2002 we thought it would be great if our visitors could buy their attraction tickets online. Our first ticket partner was SeaWorld San Diego followed by Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood. Once the major theme parks began selling tickets online, everyone else followed.


In those days the big theme parks printed paper tickets which we would ship to our customers each day. Orders were coming in so fast we could barely keep up. It was a mad dash each day to get the orders in the mail or FedEx pick up on time. The parks loved the increased sales, but by 2011 it became apparent that printing millions of four-color paper tickets for internet sales was at best inefficient and at worst ridiculously expensive. So, like the floppy disc, paper tickets faded from the scene in favor of "print at home" tickets. The parks love it for the cost savings, and we love it for no more mad dashes to the post office.


We will regularly be adding new content pages, images, videos, Blog posts, Event listings and new

content feeds in Happening. As we work to improve the experience for our website visitors, we welcome your feedback and suggestions. 


We hope you enjoy WelcometoSoCal.com, find it useful and will come back often.


Thank you for visiting!