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Disneyland Resort Helpful Tips

Disneyland Means Lots of Walking in the Sun

Disneyland Means Lots of Walking in the Sun

You've been counting down the days. It's getting closer. You bought your Disneyland tickets at a low price on which you can print at home. Your bags are all packed and the family is ready to go. Your vacation will be here before you know it. Before you put on the Mouse Ears, here are a few tips to help you and your family save time and walk more miles than you need. See our Disneyland Planning Guide for more helpful tips. If you need to see a park map, try our Disneyland Park map or California Adventure map.
Welcome to SoCal is a great way to find affordable Disneyland Packages. Our provider has negotiated some super rates for Disneyland tickets that combine a Disney Good Neighbor Hotel. Most are within walking distance to the parks.
First, download the Official Disneyland appYou'll need it to refer to the GPS maps, make dining reservations, check wait and show times and Lightning Lane availability. Wait times are updated by Disney, not users so you know they're right, or at least close.

Bring your sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses. Disneyland can be hot with lots of sunshine. While walking around is what Disneyland is all about, there are limited escapes to shade unless you head indoors.  
Get FASTPASS early. The Disneyland FASTPASS gives your group the ability to move past long lines the rest of us are standing in saving you tons of time. FASTPASS run out quickly for popular rides and shows like World of Color so get them when you first enter the parks.
Wear comfy shoes. Disneyland encompasses 85 acres, 100 acres after Star Wars Land opens in 2019. California Adventure is another 72 acres. Ask yourself this, when was the last time you spent 6 to 8 hours walking around a 160 acre park on a hot day? Exactly, not lately so bring those comfy walking shoes.
Phone Charger Cord. If you don't carry a battery extension, like the Mophie which we use, then you'll need to charge sometime during the day, as well as overnight. This is vitally important if you need to stay connected with family members. While Disneyland does not yet offer designated charging stations, there are many wall plugs scattered throughout the parks. It's worth noting that plugs are located just above floor level, like in your home. So, unless you find one near a bench or seat, plan on standing or sitting on the ground for 45 minutes while you charge up. Check our Disneyland and California Adventure Charging Locations for a  complete list that also designates whether you can sit while charging with CAN SIT.

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