Discount Disneyland Tickets
2019 Price Guide

As Disneyland enters its 2019 holiday season and the 2020 New Year approaches, many Disney fans are searching for the cheapest tickets and the best deals, and odds are you're one of them. 

Our Disneyland ticket buying guide will help you choose the best tickets and packages so you have the best--and cheapest--Disneyland vacation possible!

What do we know about discount Disneyland tickets?

Welcome to SoCal has been writing vacation and tourism guides to Southern California attractions since 1991, back when we first published Welcome to SoCal magazine.

We love SoCal and want everyone to have a chance to enjoy its charm, which is why we found a way to offer our readers special discounts to local attractions. 

In the mid-'90s, we became one of the first websites to sell discounted Disneyland, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld tickets online.


Back then, we had to stuff tickets into envelopes and mail them out by hand!  (Thank goodness e-ticketing and print-at-home tickets came around!)

While we are not licking envelopes anymore, is still a leading online vendor of discounted tickets to Southern California theme parks and attractions like Disneyland. 


We spend every day searching for the best Disneyland deals and compiling data about upcoming Disneyland events and attractions so you don't have to stress about it. 

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Now let's get into Disneyland deal hunting!

How much do Disneyland tickets cost?

When buying Disneyland tickets directly from the "Big Mouse" himself, prices vary depending on weekly and seasonal demand and how many days you plan to visit the park.

As of October 2019, Disney's website lists these prices for 1-day tickets to Disneyland Park or Disney California Adventure Park:

But don't think you need to pay full price for Disneyland tickets! 

These prices are what Disneyland charges at the gate, but they are not the best deal if you plan to visit for more than one day.

You can always find cheaper multi-day tickets through authorized Disneyland ticket vendors like Welcome to SoCal.


We guarantee the lowest prices on multi-day Disneyland tickets, Disneyland + hotel packages, and Disneyland + Universal Studios Hollywood combo tickets.

Do Disneyland tickets cost more at the gate?

You can expect to pay full price for admission if you wait until you get to the park gate to buy Disneyland tickets. One-day tickets have a fixed price and Disney and its ticket vendors rarely discount these anywhere, but multi-day tickets are always cheaper online.

To save time and money on 3+ day visits, you should purchase Disneyland tickets in advance online. You can print tickets at home or use e-ticketing on your phone to walk straight to the gate.

Is Disney California Adventure part of Disneyland?

Disney California Adventure is right next door to Disneyland, but it's a separate park that requires either its own tickets or Park Hopper tickets.

Where can I buy discount Disneyland tickets?

Ticket vendors like Welcome to SoCal offer discounted Disneyland tickets as well as combo packages that get you into California Adventure and Universal Studios Hollywood.

Can I buy a ticket to both Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood?

Disneyland and Universal Studios are separate parks with different parent companies, so no single ticket gets you into both, but you can buy combo packages with tickets to both parks, which is pretty much the same thing.

Can I bundle hotel and save when buying Disneyland tickets?

As with most travel deals, bundling can bring down the cost of a big trip, and Disneyland is no exception. Bundled hotel and Disneyland + Universal Studios ticket packages are among our top sellers.

Can I still get $50 Disneyland tickets?

You may have heard about "$50 Disneyland tickets".


 These were from a time when buying multi-day Disneyland passes could bring the cost down to about $50 per day. 

As Disneyland's prices have increased, "$50 tickets" have become a thing of the past, but multi-day passes are still one of the best ways to save money on tickets.

Do Disneyland tickets ever go on sale?

Disneyland does sometimes run sales or offer special discounts on tickets, but not very often.


However, ticket vendors usually match or beat these prices, so it's still worth checking sites like Welcome to SoCal to confirm that you're really getting the best deal.

Can I buy Disneyland FASTPASS tickets online?

FASTPASS is Disneyland's free system for helping park guests spend less time waiting in lines. You do not need to pay extra to use FASTPASS, but it's not without its quirks.

Rather than allowing you to skip the line immediately, FASTPASS lets you reserve a later time you'd like to enjoy the attraction so you can go have fun somewhere else in the meantime instead of standing in line.

You do not need to pay extra for access to FASTPASS if you are willing to walk to the FASTPASS ticketing machines outside attractions. (Note: Not every attraction offers FASTPASS.)

Daily FASTPASS availability is limited, so you need to make your reservations early before it runs out.

If you want to be sure you have access to FASTPASS without walking to each FASTPASS kiosk, Disney offers the MaxPass, as explained below.

What is Disneyland MaxPass?

MaxPass is a Disneyland ticket upgrade that gives you unlimited Disney PhotoPass photo downloads and easier access to Disney FASTPASS using the Disneyland app.

MaxPass is not required to use FASTPASS, but it's the only way to use FASTPASS on your phone. Otherwise, you need to walk to the FASTPASS kiosk outside the attraction to reserve your spot.

MaxPass allows you to reserve a FASTPASS from anywhere in the park, or even from a neighboring park (e.g. reserve your spot in a Disneyland ride while you're in California Adventure) via the Disneyland app. 

What is Magic Morning at Disneyland?

Magic Morning is a perk for Disneyland resort guests with 3+ day tickets which allows them to choose a day to get early admission to select attractions, stores, entertainment, and dining locations in Disneyland for one full hour before the park opens to the general public.

A few important things to know about Magic Morning:

  • Magic Morning requires you to buy qualifying 3+ day tickets before you get to the park--you can't get it at the gate.

  • Disneyland recommends showing up 1 hour and 15 minutes early so you have extra time to park and get to the gates.

  • You must select your Magic Morning day in advance.

  • Magic Morning is only available Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday.

  • Magic Morning is not available in every part of the park. For example, Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is not included.