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Disney Announces DisneylandForward and Preliminary Park Expansion Plans

Concept Art Only ©Disney

Disney is seeking approvals for updated development approvals from the city of Anaheim.

The public review and approval process will take time. Starting today this process will allow us to take the first step forward.

Proposed expansion footprint, in yellow, would run from Disneyland Drive to West and from Katella to Ball.

The Disneyland Hotel and Paradise Pier Hotel will remain, however many new structures, water scapes and themed areas appear to be part of early concepts.

While a timeline has not yet been established, it's safe to assume DisneylandForward will be a multi year expansion effort.

We are excited for this new expansion to go from concept to reality. And we look forward to supporting Disney as they begin work with the city of Anaheim to update existing approvals and allow for development on existing Disney properties.

To learn more or get involved, head to DisneylandForward.

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